The effects of regular exercise on cognitive function

18 Sep 2018 Blogs

As we age, there is often a substantial reduction in both physical and cognitive functioning, which consequentially threatens one’s independence and quality of life. New research has uncovered a link between regular exercise and an improvement in cognitive performance amongst the elderly.

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Congress 2018

1 Sep 2018 Events

The 2018 CASA Congress Committee in collaboration with Nedbank formally invites you to attend our annual congress “MILLENNIAL CHIROPRACTIC”

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Lower back pain

29 Aug 2017 Blogs

Lower back pain is the leading cause for years lived with disability worldwide! This is largely because lower back pain very often becomes chronic or recurrent. In fact up to 34% of lower back pain cases will persist and become chronic, and 60% of lower back pain is recurring.

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Chiropractic care & migraines

24 Aug 2017 Blogs

Headaches are one of the most common conditions that chiropractors see, with the vast majority being Tension-type, and these are most often successfully treated with massage, dry needling, spinal manipulation, stretching and posture correction.

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How often do you get a headache?

31 Oct 2016 Blogs

If the answer is more than once or twice a month then it is far too many.

Weekly headaches are not normal and suggest an underlying problem. Very often these are tension-type headaches and they originate from postural issues resulting in tight and stiff muscles in the neck and shoulders.

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