CASA stands for the Chiropractic Association of South Africa and has been representing and assisting members’ requirements and interests for the last 73 years. Membership is voluntary and there are currently around 544 members (78% of all registered chiropractors).

CASA has an annually-elected national council with a president, vice-president and regional branches with committees and a chairperson. A secretary-general as chief executive officer, assisted by a secretariat, is responsible for its overall administrative management and regular council meetings are held.

CASA’s main aims include promoting, encouraging and maintaining high standards of education, training, conduct and practice within the chiropractic profession in South Africa, and supporting its members as well as the general public to the best of its ability.


As a highly-regulated association, Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA) works diligently to:

  • Unite all members of the association and protect the integrity, nature, character and status of their profession;
  • Promote high ethical standards of practice;
  • Settle any questions around the association as well as the profession itself;
  • Encourage improved academic teaching, standards of chiropractic education and practice to provide the highest quality of service to the community and patients, as well as to identify appropriate educational outcomes to meet the changing needs of chiropractors for the benefit of their patients;
  • Cooperate with appropriate national or international organisations to provide and/or receive information, counsel and assistance in local and global fields of chiropractic and healthcare;
  • Encourage and actively support research and aid in the identification of research topics with respect to chiropractic, in part through regular congresses and/or seminars of chiropractic and related disciplines;
  • Assist in the establishment and development of a South African chiropractic scientific journal; and
  • Assist in developing and promoting an informed public opinion among all peoples in understanding chiropractic.

Mission, Vision & Values

The Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA) is committed to the highest levels of excellence in chiropractic education, patient care, standards of practice and continuing professional development.

Our Mission

  • To empower our members to become leaders in neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle, skeletal) health in their communities;
  • For chiropractic to become the first point of call for neuromusculoskeletal(nerve, muscle, skeletal) conditions;
  • To grow our profession;
  • To develop and support strong interprovincial relationships and being a unified body addressing professional concerns on a national level;
  • To nurture relationships with regards to research and innovation with both local and international healthcare partners;
  • To promote interprofessional relations with other healthcare providers for patient benefit; and
  • To provide a world-class member service by promoting our profession with integrity, innovation and excellence.

Our Vision

To become the trusted leader in neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle, skeletal) care through evidence-based research, innovation and high standards of patient care.

Our Values

CASA adheres to the following set of values:

  • We commit to serve our patients with excellence offering care that is both patient-centred and evidenced-based.
  • We work with integrity and in partnership to provide chiropractic care in the health care community.
  • We support each other and continuously adhere to high standards of professionalism.
  • We are innovative and creative.

Our Goals

  • To build and sustain a favourable public/patient perception of chiropractic.
  • To embrace a professional and innovative approach that encourages the forward progression of our association and our profession.

Membership & Benefits

Membership to the Chiropractic Association of South Africa (CASA) is open to all duly qualified chiropractors who are registered with the AHPCSA. By becoming a member of CASA, chiropractors will be part of a growing community that supports and promotes the chiropractic profession. Registered members have access to the latest industry news, event information and other important information relevant to the industry.

CASA promises the following to its members:

  • To provide members with a set of Professional Standards, either through local development or custodianship of international standards;
  • To provide Career Path Standards, clearly outlining the learning pathway for individuals entering the profession;
  • To ensure that members are being held accountable against a Code of Ethics in accordance with a disciplinary code, policy and procedures;
  • To provide certifications and related examinations;
  • To provide training opportunities for members;
  • To provide members with technical support and guidance;
  • To enhance the standing of the profession in the eyes of the public;
  • To be the voice of the profession in the marketplace;
  • To protect the interests of the profession;
  • To position the profession through stakeholder management programs (ex. Discovery Health and BHF);
  • To provide networking opportunities for its members;
  • To publish a professional journal or magazine;
  • To create a collective think tank on matters of importance to members;
  • To provide guidance to young members who want to register professionally;
  • To provide a platform for members to address issues that they feel strongly about;
  • To provide opportunities to influence a member’s career through links with other organisations, government and the general public;
  • To promote chiropractic to scholars through its career guidance program, thereby encouraging interest in the profession among young people; and
  • To look after its members’ general professional interests.